Shifu recieving the student body award in recognition of all the hard & consistent work done for the ASCMMAS School


From the age of 10 I have taken a deep interest in & pursued the Martial Way. I have had the privilege to study with some of the most gifted Martial Arts par excellence, based here in the UK as well as abroad, for this I am Truly Greatful. My initial training began whilst studying at school, the style of Martial Art was Kyokushinkai Karate it was very hard training but i actually enjoyed the hardship at the same time i was introduced to Judo & Boxing I trained in both of these Styles on & off for 3 years. My search continued & i found my Mentor & Teacher in 1984/85 at a training hall in Durning Hall Forest Gate his name was "Leon" otherwise known as Grandmaster Arthur Fitgerald Nichols he was & is the consumate Martial Artist. I have been a student of "Leons" for over 25 years & will always hold him in the highest regard. I have also had the honour to train under Grandmaster Christopher Lai Khee Choongfor many years also.
I have been fortunate enough to compete in many various forms of Full contact fighting namely Sanshou, KuoShu, Boxing, Thai/Kick - Boxing, Grapple & Strike, Cage etc all at a national as well as International level as well as forms & weapons.
Under the various governing bodies namely BCCMA/ICKF/EWF/IWF/BCKF - (British Council for Chinese Martial Arts - International Chinese Kuo Shu Federation - European Wu Shu Federation - International Wu Shu Federation - British Chinese Kuo Shu Federation)
I have experience within other Martial Arts Systems including Pencak Silat, Wing Chun, Ying Jow Pai, Tae Kwon Do, Ju Jitsu, BJJ, & Shuai Chiao also FMA & New Breed System.
Competing is a choice for each student but in doing so allows them to put into practice the techniques learnt & understood then applied in a full contact environment.
We in the ASCMMAS School do not follow a grading belt system but in a three level ability standard (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) with the knowledge that what is learnt & understood will then be able to be applied if & when the situation arises. Defence of oneself or loved ones is not only a physical thing but even more importantly a mental approach as self awareness & reaction are two of the greatest attributes for a real Martial Artist to have to have & continually nuture.
We look forward to training
continually learning what the Martial Arts are really about & how they can be applied.



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